We're open late!


We are excited to announce our new business hours! These hours will be effective starting tomorrow Monday, November 12.

We'd like to thank all of our loyal patrons for being so supportive and patient during these past few months. We will continue working closely with Alderman King's office as well as the Gap community to ensure safety in and around Southtown Sub.

We have many exciting updates coming soon including the lobby renovation! Continue following our Facebook page for more updates.


Extended Business Hours


Southtown Sub is excited to announce our new business hours! We would like to thank the City of Chicago, Alderman King and Alderman Dowell for working with us to improve the safety of our neighborhood.

We would also like to thank the Gap Community Organization for their guidance and partnership on improving our business to better serve our community.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of you, our customers, for your support and patience through these changes. Help us continue to keep our community safe and report any suspicious activity and loitering that occurs.

We look forward to seeing all of you until 8:00pm daily!


Southtown Sub's Future Plans


We are excited to announce our future plans for Southtown Sub! We had the opportunity to present our plans at the Gap Community Organization meeting last night and received great feedback for our lobby renovation, storefront upgrade, and youth and community engagement events. We look forward to working with Latent Design to remodel our space!

Read our new vision and view the presentation below:

Southtown Sub began with the simple mission to serve delicious food to our patrons. Since then, our vision has expanded. We are no longer just another restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Thanks to our loyal customers, we have become an important thread in the vibrant fabric known as Bronzeville. Southtown Sub resides in an area that is celebrated for its history of famous musicians, political figures, authors, artists, businessmen, groundbreaking newspaper publications, beautiful architecture, and now…its food. Our customers made our famous Gym Shoe sandwich the must-have food to try when visiting Chicago’s south side (according to Thrillist, ZagatWBEZ, and Windy City Live). We believe our food adds to the rich history and culture of Bronzeville, but our branding, design, and community outreach need to reflect that.

Our new vision reflects the modern renaissance of the Black Metropolis that celebrates Bronzeville’s history and welcomes revitalization. The time for businesses to just sell a product to its customers and not play an active role in the fabric of the community is over. It’s time to engage with the neighborhood that made us the business we are today and not just provide delicious food, but also an experience that fosters creativity, encourages youth development, maintains safety and security, and upgrades its establishment to bring ease and comfort to our patrons’ experience at Southtown Sub.

In order to transform our vision into a reality, we have outlined a 4-phase plan to help us stay on track. With the support of Alderman Sophia King, The Gap Community Organization, and the Bronzeville community, we truly believe that our small restaurant can add to Bronzeville’s future as a hub for food, culture, art, and entertainment.

Send your questions, comments, and feedback to: info@southtownsub.com.

Southtown Sub Black History Month Art + Writing Contest


As a member of The Gap Community for over 23 years, Southtown Sub has come to know many of its residents, especially the youth. This year we would like to invite our youth to help us honor this month by sharing your story and using your creativity. By providing this platform we want you to get creative, partner with your teachers, and help us learn more about you, your family and the community we live in.

Essay Contest Requirements

  • Attend one of local Bronzeville high schools*
  • Essay must be typed on 8.5” x 11” paper 
  • No more than 250 words
  • Must be original writing piece done by the student
  • Completed application form
  • Must answer the prompt: “What does Black History Month mean to me?” 

Art Contest Requirements

  • Attend one of local Bronzeville high schools*
  • Size of artwork must be no larger than 8.5” x 11” 
  • Artwork must be 2-dimensional and can be made using any art supplies 
    • Example: Markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.
  • Must be original artwork done by the student
  • Completed application form
  • Must depict the theme: “What does Black History Month mean to me?”


  • Each student may enter only one category
  • All artwork and essays must be dropped off by Friday, February 19th 2018 by 6:00pm:
    • Southtown Sub, 240 E. 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60616
  • No late entries will be accepted
  • One winner will be chosen from each category (art and essay)


  • One student winner from each category will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • The partnering teacher of each student winner will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • The winning essay and artwork will be displayed in the lobby of Southtown Sub, featured on our website (www.southtownsub.com), and shared on our social media pages.

No purchase necessary to enter. Each student may enter only one category. By entering the contest you hereby warrant and represent that (a) you own all rights to all entry materials submitted by you; and (b) all such entry materials are original works of authorship on your part and have not been copied, in whole or in part, from any other work and do not violate, misappropriate or infringe any copyright, trademark or other proprietary right of any other person or entity. By entering your work, you acknowledge that Southtown Sub shall have the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, and display entry materials.

*Local Bronzeville High Schools

The following high schools are those located in the Gap community within Bronzeville. Only students from these schools can participate. If you have any questions regarding participation, please e-mail us at info@southtownsub.com.

  • Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High School
  • Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago
  • McKinley Lakeside Leadership Academy
  • DeLaSalle High School
  • Youth Connection Leadership Academy
  • Wendell Phillips Academy High School
  • Air Force Academy High School
  • Perspectives Charter IIT Math and Science Academy
  • Urban Prep Bronzeville
  • Chicago Military Academy

2nd District C.A.P.S. Business Meeting


The Owner of Southtown Sub, Abdul Wajid, and our Community Outreach Coordinator, Nabiha Mahmood, attended the 2nd District C.A.P.S. Business Meeting with the Chicago Police Department along with other businesses in the area. The meeting was led by Officer St. Andrews and covered the topic of safety for our neighbors, other businesses, and the community overall. We received great insight and tips on how to reduce the loitering taking place on our block. We hope to incorporate these tips immediately. We look forward to partnering with the Chicago Police Department to make the streets of Bronzeville safer for all. We would like to thank the Chicago Police Department for inviting us and for sharing these beneficial suggestions and helping us understand the needs of our community.

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Our First Gap Community Meeting


On January 9th, 2018, we attended our first Gap Community Organization meeting. We listened to the various concerns in the community and the changes that will soon be coming to the Bronzeville neighborhood. In order to keep up the new vision for our area, Southtown Sub will be announcing significant upgrades. We hope to share these updates with you very soon! Stay tuned here on our website, as well as our Facebook page.